Yellow Search ® .TEL Verification Service 
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Yellow Search ® .TEL Verification Process
Verification Is Valid For 1 Year - Annual Authentication Is Required

Getting Your .TEL Verified Is Easy !

Step 1:

Send Your Request For Verification To:

Step 2:

Payment Request Will Be Sent Via Email To The WhoIs
Registrant On Record.  Verification Will Commence After
Authorized Registrant Payment Processing Is Complete.

Step 3

Primary Operator Mailing Address Verification
Primary Operator Telephone Verification
Primary Operator Email Verification

Step 4

When All Processes  Are Complete, Your Yellow Search ®
Verified Listing Page Will Be Generated And Hosted, And
A Unique Link For Your .TEL Will Be Sent To You Via Email.

Trust Is Difficult To Earn - Make It A Little Easier With Yellow Search ®
Get Your .TEL Today !